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Before & After

Before & After is a professional organising business established in Luxembourg. I provide various services ranging from home and office organising to staging in preparation for sale.

My mission is to build a trusted relationship with you and provide you with the best support before, during and after the decluttering and/or organising process.

I aim to establish practical, sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions, which will enable you to take control of your life and surroundings.

My Services


Home & Office Organising


Relocation & Downsizing

Lessons & Coaching







“Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver! I seriously cannot thank you enough for the weekend session. I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The quote for you from my 7-year old: This is so nice. It is so organised. I don't even want to move anymore."

Amanda R. 

“I had the pleasure to have Siyana over to help me clean my closet. I consider myself as a very organised person so I wasn't sure if Siyana would be able to really help me declutter but oh man, she did! With her guidance I finally managed to get rid of so many things that didn't make me happy anymore and thanks to her reorganisation ides, my closet looks so much neater now."

Carmen B.

"I just wanted to tell you, that you really inspired me. Our apartment was a mess for a long time and it drove me crazy. On Sunday I finally had the time for a big clean-up and spent 9 hours cleaning and organising. It is of course still not perfect but I feel so much better. And since then I really try maintaining the organisation. Seeing your posts is really inspiring! So thank you for that!"

Bogna K.

"Siyana was extremely helpful in the organisation of our wardrobes. Her advice was extremely effective yet easy to follow and implement. She also accompanied us in the entire process in a friendly manner, which made it even more fun! We highly recommend Siyana for any decluttering projects you may have!"

Pooja B.

“It feels like a new kitchen. Reorganizing my kitchen has brought a new routine in my life, keeping it well arranged with all the necessary things I need in life. Easy access and simple solutions makes it a joy again to operate in the kitchen, leaving broken and forgotten appliances aside.”

Daniel G.


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