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Home & Office Organising

I can help you optimise every area of your home and office (bathroom, kitchen, pantry, bedroom, closet, laundry room and garage) by reviewing what you have, decluttering if necessary and implementing a sustainable organising system.


Relocation Preparation & Downsizing

I can help you pack and/or unpack in the context of relocation by figuring out what will be needed for your new living situation and optimising the available storage space.

Staging in Preparation for Home Valuation / Sale

I can give you the right tools to present your home in the best possible light and boost its value. Depending on the request, I  can declutter, assist in selecting decoration and contact a professional photographer.


Lessons & Coaching

I offer individual or group workshops to share practical tips, discuss your experience with organising and provide support. I offer both virtual and in-person sessions. 


The initial consultation (approx. 30-45 mins) is free of charge. 

My standard hourly rate for projects less than 3 hours is 80€/hour (incl. tax).

I also offer special day rates for longer projects: 

  • Half a day (4hr) - 288 EUR (incl. tax)

  • Full day (8hr) - 550 EUR (incl. tax)

  • Two full days (16hr) - 1000 EUR (incl. tax) 


Travel costs to all locations within a radius of 50km from Luxembourg city are included in my rates.


Bookings for locations further than 50km from Luxembourg city may be subject to an additional fee.

Virtual consultations are available for all services. 

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